PDL Facilitates a Meeting Between Hoteliers of Chitwan and C-CENTER

PDL Consulting Group in collaboration with C-CENTER organized a roundtable meeting with major hoteliers of Chitwan to discuss the ways of promoting and maximizing Chinese tourism in Nepal. During 2013, 100 million Chinese tourists travelled around the world, out of which a mere 113,173 came to Nepal. Language has been one of the most important factors in limiting the experiences (and hence the very important “word-of-mouth marketing”) of Chinese tourists to understanding the rich culture, beauty, heritage, hospitality and history of Nepal and its diverse citizens. And this is where C-CENTER comes in.

C-CENTER is a premier Chinese business consulting firm based in Nepal that has been working tirelessly to offer language training services and hospitality trainings to Nepal’s various tourism industry stakeholders.  In addition,  C-CENTER also partners with Nepalese hospitality industry entrepreneurs and managers in getting Chinese tourists to their hotels and resorts. In short, C-CENTER provides two key B2B and B2C services: bridging of linguistic and information gap for Nepalese hoteliers, all the while increasing the supply of Chinese tourists via exclusive booking service to the hotels.

PDL was able to pull this meeting together despite the ongoing political turmoil in Nepal. Lack of fuel was of the utmost concern. But thanks to our great network, we were able to mitigate some of the difficulties affecting the mobility and services of entrepreneurs in Chitwan. While some attended the event in person for a round-table talk, others communicated via teleconference. One of the concerns raised by the hoteliers was about the effect of current political issues on the tourism industry. As such, the idea of increasing Chinese tourists in Chitwan proved to be an appealing strategy.

En route to Chitwan, PDL also helped facilitate a business dinner with hoteliers of Pokhara in Oxygen Lounge and Bar, where the attendants followed up on previous meetings held by PDL in Pokhara and discussed ways to move forward.