Sachit Pandey

Founding Partner/ COO


Sachit Pandey is an Economist, a GIS professional, and a Statistician by education. However, his diverse set of life and work experiences makes him an all-rounder.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business and has completed two Master’s degrees. His first Master’s is in Community and Economic Development. His second Master’s is in Integrated Science and Mathematics with focus on Geospatial Technology and Applied Statistics.

Sachit has a range of expertise that makes him a valuable asset to our firm. He is knowledgeable about programming languages such as C# and Python as well as SQL and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS.)

Sachit possesses a technical but lucid mind. He has a knack for creativity such as drawing, graphic designs, writing and composition.

His core expertise comes from having over 7 years of experience with mapping, geocoding, spatial analysis, statistical data analysis, working with relational database management system, and economic research. He is a quick learner with an aptitude for analysis, logic, and communication. He has worked as a consultant for World Bank Nepal and has travelled to several districts in Nepal for data collection and reporting. Additionally, he has worked at an Electric Utility Company, and a major hotel chain in the United States.  He is currently in Canada assisting an exciting startup company with their online sales and inventory.

In his spare time, he likes to play soccer, dabble with his guitar, read extensive reviews on movies and TV shows, or take long rides on his motorcycle. He is a self-proclaimed wanderlust who hopes to one day set foot on all 75 districts of Nepal.