Lakshya (लक्ष्य ) is also a Sanskrit word and it is commonly and regularly used by Nepali speakers. It means goal, as in “PDL Consulting Group internalizes its client’s goals and discreetly yet assertively takes all steps to accomplish them.” It also denotes the numerical order of a lakh (one hundred thousand), which is an auspicious numerical figure in Nepalese culture.

  1. हेर्नु, चिन्नु, जान्नु र गर्नुपर्ने कुनै पनि कामकुराको खास चिह्न वा निसाना; तारो।
  2. ताकेको कुरो; ताक; उद्देश्य; ध्येय।
  3. आक्षेप गरिएको बिषय।
  4. लाखको सङ्ख्या।

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