Dakshya [ दक्ष ] is a Sanskrit word commonly used by Nepali speakers to mean skilful – as in skilled warrior, skilled academician, or skilled engineer. It is also used to describe a specialist. A person or an entity that has extensive experience and skills in, say, corporate restructuring or logistics management, is a person or an entity that is dakshya in corporate restructuring or logistics management. The word is also sometimes used to denote the right-hand side. And in Nepal, the right-hand side connotes the positive side (even though our left handed partners and consultants, among others, are not too happy about the privilege granted towards right handed folks). But whatever your preference for the use of your hand, PDL Consulting Group would be your skilful partner that will be by your better side throughout the engagement.

Oh and there’s also this interesting back story behind the word. Dakshya  (alternatively spelled in English as Daksha) is a mythological character with wide renown in the Indian subcontinent. Daksha was one of the sons of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Daksha was, per the legend, a great king. Some legendmongers even claim Daksha to be the greatest of the great kings. According to Wikipedia (we take our research seriously), “[p]ictures show him as a rotund and obese man with a stocky body, protruding belly, and muscular with the head of an ibex-like creature with spiral horns.” We at PDL Consulting Group are fond of this image and the mythological background behind the word dakshya. Should you engage us, we promise to regale you with stories about the mythological king Daksha.

  1. योग्य; सक्षम; विशेषज्ञ; सिपालु; कुशल।
  2. दायाँ, दाहिने।
  3. एक प्रजापतिको नाम।

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