PDL Consulting Group understands that each client is unique. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to meet our clients’ needs. And we have done so for a number of clients. In fact, when we take up an engagement, we don’t think of the issues as problems, we think of them as challenging but fun exercises.

We have had the pleasure and honor of serving a wide range of clients, from large and widely known companies to startups to nonprofits and INGOs. We respect the wishes of our clients’ requests for confidentiality regarding some of our engagements, let alone disclosing the nature and the scope of the work we have done. But below are a few of our clients who would be happy to speak with you regarding the caliber of our consultants and the level of sophistication we bring to the table.

Yala Mandala
Wind Power Nepal
Vishuddha Momocha
Nepal Krishi Company
City Express
Bajeko Sekuwa
Sano Paila
8848 inc