About Us

PDL Consulting Group is an innovative team of entrepreneurial minds that partners with clients to translate their dreams into realities. We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to address their most complex challenges through out-of-the-box thinking. Focused on client impact, we provide a range of professional services by engaging diverse and multi-disciplinary experts. We have an in-depth understanding of risks and opportunities, and our proposition of holistic service is what distinguishes us from other firms. Our diverse network, ranging from the grassroots level to experts and major institutions, is our single biggest asset. [...]


To be the go-to business and management consulting firm in Nepal for matters that require excellence, professionalism, and passion.
  • PDL Consulting is committed to innovation and excellence. We strive to provide fresh yet eminently practical solutions.
  • PDL Consulting is committed to efficiency, confidentiality, and reliability. We are selective about choosing our clients but once we take up an engagement, we see it through and we stand by our client throughout the process.
  • PDL Consulting believes in public service. We provide pro bono consulting services to tho [...]


PDL Consulting Group is a unique consulting firm in Nepal. While there are plenty of small-sized specialty consulting firms in Nepal, there isn’t a single firm with a network as broad as ours or with a diverse set of individuals as talented as ours. But what does this mean for our exclusive set of clients? We solve their issues, we get things done. And we do so with passion. We work with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors across Nepal and from abroad. Our highly skilled and entrepreneurial consultants share a common mission: transform Nepal for the better. PDL stands by its clients as it delivers results. After all, that’s what “PDL” stands for. [...]

News and Coverage

PDL Facilitates a Meeting Between Hoteliers of Chitwan and C-CENTER

1 oct, 2015

PDL Consulting Group in collaboration with C-CENTER organized a roundtable meeting with major hoteliers of Chitwan to discuss the ways of promoting and maximizing Chinese tourism in Nepal. During 2013, 100 million Chinese tourists travelled around the world, out of which a mere 113,173 came to Nepal. Language has been one of the most important factors in limiting the experiences (and hence the very important “word-of-mouth marketing”) of Chinese tourists to understanding the rich culture, beauty, heritage, hospitality and history of Nepal and its diverse citizens. And this is where C-CENTER comes in. C-CENTER is a premier Chinese business consulting firm based in Nepal that has been working tirelessly to offer language training servi

PDL Organizes a Successful Meet Between Hoteliers in Pokhara and C-Center

September 14, 2015 - Pokhara.

PDL Consulting Group organized a highly successful meeting between hoteliers in Pokhara and delegates from C-Center, a Chinese Education and Business Consulting Firm based in Kathmandu. The event was held on September 14, 2015, at Hotel Barahi, a 3-star deluxe hotel situated near the beautiful Fewa Lake. Representatives of over 10 major hotels and resorts, including The Fulbari Resort & Spa, Waterfront Resort, Hotel Da Yatra Courtyard<

PDL and Sano Paila Successfully Organized a Forum in Birgunj on Federalism and Nepal’s New Constitution

13 aug 2015

PDL and Sano Paila organized a socio-political event in Birgunj on August 8, 2015. The event brought together 6 panelists from 6 different political parties at Hotel Suraj, Birgunj, to discuss various aspects of the preliminary draft of the constitution.  The main issues raised and discussed were about federalism.  Over 200 people showed up for the town hall meeting.  In addition, loudspeakers placed at various strategic locations throughout Birgunj provided live coverage of the program.  A considerable number of people congregated in these venues as well. The program allowed each of the panelists 5 minutes to deliver their opening statements. Then, Mr. KC L